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Business owners may be considering the option of hiring workers from abroad to fill jobs that will not be permanent. This option is available and offers real advantages to businesses, who can fill a need in their workforce, and employees, who can gain short-term employment. It also calls for the right immigration paperwork. Our Washington D.C. temporary visa lawyers understand all that’s necessary to qualify for these visas, and how to go about obtaining them. 

Hall Global serves both English and Spanish-speaking clients and is committed to global labor force mobility. 

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Global Labor Options: The Difference Between an H2A & H2B Visa

H2A and H2B visas serve more or less the same purpose, but for different industries. In both cases, they can be used for workers whose jobs will be temporary or seasonal—meaning they will last no longer than one year. H2A visas are used for the agricultural industry, both businesses and workers. H2BA visas are for other jobs that are classified as unskilled. 

Employer Requirements

In order to hire workers under an H2A or H2B visa, an employer must first demonstrate that there are no citizens available who are both willing and qualified to do the work. It must further be shown that the immigrant workers being hired will be paid a wage commensurate with the industry standard. Hall Global is able to work with management on providing the documentation necessary to hire immigrant applicants under these conditions. 

Employee Requirements

An employee who applies for a temporary work visa must show that they have a valid job offer in place before beginning the process. They must further show evidence of an intent to return to their country of origin. Getting together documentation this regard is another area where the experienced team at Hall Global can work with applicants on. 

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Benefits of a Temporary Work Visa

Besides the direct benefit of gainful employment at market wages, employees who obtain approval for their H2A or H2B visa application can also bring their immediate family with them. It must be noted that the family members will not be eligible to work—at least without their own separate application. But a worker’s children will be able to access the public school system and the family unit can stay intact during the period of employment. 

What a Temporary Visa Cannot Do

The approval of an H2A or H2B visa does not, at least in of itself, make one eligible for a green card. Pursing a permanent residency is something that must be done independently of this process. However, it is permissible to apply for an extension of the temporary visa, a process that could allow a worker to stay in the country for up to three years. It is further possible that an employer who desires to retain the employee on a permanent basis might choose to sponsor them for a green card. That is something that would have to be discussed with the employer and from the legal perspective, is conversation that is separate from a temporary work visa. 

The Experience You Need & the Service You Can Rely On

Hall Global believes in the work we do and that it benefits everyone from employers to employees to society as a whole. We’ve been helping those involved in global labor mobility since 2015 and we have attorneys on staff with over 25 years of experience. 

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