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Green Industry

Washington D.C. Green Industry Immigration Lawyers

Our world is marked today by industries seeking to adopt more environmentally-friendly methods of production and development. This has become known as the “green economy”, and it is having a broad impact around the world. A part of that impact is the significant consequences that exist for global labor mobility. Immigration is proving vital to ecologically sound business practices, and our Washington D.C. green industry immigration lawyers can help employers and employees alike with their visa needs. 

Hall Global is committed to delivering our clients consistent communication, a high level of service, and reasonable fees. With a bilingual staff, we work with both English and Spanish-speaking clients, offering free consultations and payment plans. 

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Global Solutions for a Green Labor Force

Immigration is important for a lot of industries, and the green economy is certainly proving to be one. The reason is that environmentally-friendly solutions often require employees who have a high level of scientific and engineering knowledge. 

Census data indicates that while immigrants make up 12 percent of the population in the United States, they account for nearly half of the people who have doctorates in science or engineering. Moreover, that is a trend that appears to be accelerating. This means there are going to be U.S. businesses looking to hire talent from other countries. Those going to school in those countries are going to see economic opportunity for themselves and their families here in the United States. 

All of us will benefit from a merger between this economic opportunity the businesses are offering, and the unique skillsets that new immigrants offer. That means getting the needed paperwork and applications done and processed in an efficient way. And that’s why Hall Global is here. 

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We’re committed to helping responsible companies and talented employees find each other. 

Green Industry Visas 

While there is no “green industry visa” per se, and the application form to be used will depend on factors unique to each situation, the E-2 visa is one that might be of particular interest to green industry companies, employees, and job applicants. 

The E-2 visa is intended for those who have advanced degrees, and have ability considered to be “exceptional”. The State Department defines exceptional ability as being that which is significantly above what is ordinarily seen in a particular profession. E-2 applicants will also be a professional that has accrued at least five years of experience in their field, and has an advanced degree. All of the above are characteristics that businesses seeking environmentally sound solutions may be looking for. 

Washington D.C. Green Industry Immigration Lawyers You Can Rely On

All immigration applications require a high level of attention to detail and a commitment to getting it right the first time. Mistakes can put an applicant back at the end of the line. That’s a delay that businesses don’t need to deal with, that hurts employees or applicants, and ultimately slows down the goal of a more ecologically friendly economy for everyone. That’s why Hall Global places such a high priority on customer service, from our responsiveness to clients, to our diligence in all facets of the application process. 

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