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Cross-Border Services

Washington D.C. Cross-Border Immigration Lawyer

The relationship between the United States and Mexico offers plenty of economic opportunity for businesses and workers alike. The fact the U.S. and Mexico share a border offers the possibility of businesses hiring employees on the opposite side of that border. Taking advantage of that opportunity can require jumping through some legal hoops in terms of getting the right immigration paperwork into place. An experienced Washington D.C. cross-border immigration lawyer can lift that legal burden off the shoulders of businesses, employees, and job applicants, and provide greater peace of mind for all concerned. 

Hall Global works with businesses based in both Mexico and the United States. Our bilingual staff has a n astute understanding of immigration law and what is required in each specific situation. Our cross-border services include help with international hiring and recruitment, best HR practices, PEO services, protecting key staff, and guidance on which visa options are most suited to the needs of each particular situation. 

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A Commitment to Global Labor Mobility

Every case is different, but job applicants who wish to work on the other side of the border will often have to use Form DS-160, per the agreement that exists between the United States, Mexico, and Canada regarding the flow of labor and commerce. 

Per the rules of the U.S. State Department, applicants using Form DS-160 will have to disclose any previous border crossings, and any arrests, if applicable. It’s important to note that affirmative answers in this regard will not automatically disqualify an applicant. That makes full transparency even more important. Our Washington D.C. cross-border immigration attorneys can fight for the rights of applicants in court, and complete candor with the judicial system can be helpful. 

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Cross-border relationships between the U.S. and Mexico are common in industries like agriculture. But the increase in remote work also means that working across the border from the company’s main office is easier than ever. Remote work, already on the increase due to technology, exploded in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies and employees alike, having seen the opportunities this offers, have continued to rely on remote work in the aftermath of the pandemic. 

Hiring employees who reside across the border still presents unique issues from a legal perspective and for a firm’s Human Resources Department. Data security and privacy need to be addressed, and a company’s security policies must keep them in regulatory compliance. 

The local law of both the business and the employee need to be understood. Everything from health and safety to compensation issues to an employee’s statutory rights have to be understood in the context of this unique jurisdictional situation. Our Washington D.C. cross-border immigration lawyers, experienced in the dynamics of the relationship between the United States and Mexico, can be a valuable asset for businesses and job applicants alike. 

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Hall Global aims to establish a strong personal relationship with all of our clients, and that starts with efficient responses and clear communication. A boutique law firm with a large clientele already established in Mexico, we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients the legal knowledge and personal service they need. 

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