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Business Immigration

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Employment visas are sought by people in several different situations. A business owner might be looking to hire someone from abroad and be in need of a visa? Companies with locations in multiple countries may need a visa if they want to transfer an employee to a branch in another country. Or it could be the worker themselves, seeking to emigrate for the purposes of employment. The reasons behind immigration impact the legal process that must be followed. Our Washington D.C. business immigration lawyers are here to help the entire process of global labor mobility flow as smoothly as possible for all concerned. 

Founded in 2015, Hall Global is committed to a strong level of personalized service, and that starts with quick, consistent communication. Our deep experience in immigration law can be comforting to employers and employees alike, as they navigate a process that is filled with its share of detail-oriented documentation. We’re here to lift the burdens of that process off your shoulders. 

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Global Business Immigration Visas

There are a wide range of employment visa applications, depending on the precise reason for the desired migration. These reasons include why the immigrant is being hired, how long they will stay, and more. Prominent applications offered by the U.S. State Department include the following…

The E1 Visa: A prime reason for the E1 visa is when the applicant is at the managerial level. It is also a visa that is prominent in academia ,applying as it does to professors and researchers. Workers considered to have extraordinary ability in fields that include science, and the arts might also apply for an E1 visa. 

The E2 Visa: Only modestly different from the E1, the E2 visa is used when the employee in question has “exceptional” ability (as opposed to the “extraordinary” in an E1). An employee who combines both 5 years of work experience with an advanced degree might also seek entry to the United States on this type of visa. 

The E3 Visa: Some jobs require intensive training. The E3 visa is for someone coming to do a job where the training itself can last for up to two years. The E3 may also be used for jobs that require a degree from an U.S. university, or its equivalent from a school abroad. 

The E4 Visa: Many religions have spreading their faith abroad as a foundational belief. One possible use of the E4 visa is for workers who job is a religious vocation. Others who use this highly specialized visa include former employees of the U.S. government who are now living abroad. 

The E5 Visa: The United States is always looking for investors to put capital into the economy here. To that end, an E5 visa might be used by an investor abroad looking to put a large sum into a U.S. business. There are criteria that must be met, such as how many jobs will be created, before the E5 visa will be granted. Our Washington D.C. business attorneys can provide further guidance on this, and other questions on the different “E Visas” that are available. 

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Other Types of Employment Visas

Depending on the work being sought and the duration of the stay, there are other visas that may be sought, including the following: 

I Visa: Available to employees of foreign media, the I Visa allows a stay for as long as six months, with extensions possible under certain circumstances. 

L Visa: The duration of this visa can be either one year or three years, and it is sought by employees of an international company making a temporary work transfer. 

A spouse and children can also be eligible under the L Visa, along with the other options that the State Department offers. The best possible visa application will be different in each situation, and our experienced Washington D.C. business immigration lawyers can advise employers, employees, and job-seekers alike. 

Global Labor Mobility Is Our Priority

We want to see everyone have the chance to build the life they want for themselves, whether it’s an employer seeking to grow their business with the best talent the global marketplace has to offer, or an employee seeking opportunity abroad. 

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