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Agricultural Employees

Washington D.C. Agricultural Employee Lawyer

Working abroad expands the scope of a person’s economic opportunity and agribusiness is one of the industries where jobs may be available. Becoming eligible for those jobs in the United States requires substantial paperwork. The good news is that experienced Washington D.C. agricultural employee lawyers are on hand to manage that paperwork and work for a smooth transition to employment within the compliance guidelines set down by the U.S. government. 

Hall Global works with agribusiness employees on issues that start with visa and eligibility guidance and extend to occupational and cultural integration. We’ll help navigate disputes over wages and hours, along with employment discrimination cases. 

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The Benefits of an H-2A Visa in the Global Labor Market

Presuming an agribusiness employer has met the compliance requirements necessary to make their jobs available to workers from another country, those new hires will need to obtain an H-2A visa to be eligible for work. 

The H-2A visa is temporary in nature, lasting no longer than one year, and perhaps less if the work is seasonal in nature. However, if an employer is happy with the quality of work they are getting, and the employee wishes to stay on, extensions can be applied for. An immigrant worker can stay in the United States up to three years with the appropriate extensions. 

Furthermore, when a worker is approved for an H-2A visa, the advantages go well beyond being able to work. Their children can attend public schools, and there are housing benefits available. The holder of an H-2A visa gains labor protections under laws dealing with prevailing wages and workers compensation in the event of injuries on the job. 

Hall Global is bilingual, working with both English and Spanish-speaking clients. We offer both free consultations and payment plans. 

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The Drawbacks of an H-2A Visa

The H-2A visa is not perfect. It’s protections cannot include work authorizations for relatives or friends. However, Hall Global can work with other interested parties on their own individual applications. There is also a mandatory 45-day waiting period from the point the application is submitted to when it is issued. The sooner our responsive and efficient legal team can start on a case, the better it is for all concerned. 

A Washington D.C. Agricultural Employee Lawyer You Can Trust

We believe strongly in global labor mobility, and we’re determined to make that process run as smoothly as possible. Hall Global has been doing this work since 2015, and our attorneys have experience individually that goes back as long as 25 years. 

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