Our Global Immigration Services

Hall Global places a priority on doing reliable and efficient work with temporary visas, both H2A and H2B. We work with management, helping to provide the necessary documentation to qualify for hiring under this visa programs, and then staying in legal and regulatory compliance. We’re also on hand to help workers who have job offers in hand, leading them what can a paperwork-filled process to get their visa in order.

We work with businesses across all sectors of the global economy, but the agricultural industry often has a special need for work on a seasonal or temporary basis. Our Washington D.C. immigration law firm will help management prepare for the eventual need, so the timeframe that it takes to get eligibility verified and applications approved will not interfere with the efficient running of the farm operation. Our bilingual team, speaking both English and Spanish, is available to work with both agricultural employers and employees throughout the process.

Business immigration needs are higher in some industries than in others. One of the economic sectors most in need of skilled workers is the green industry. Environmentally-friendly technology requires experience and scientific knowledge. Immigrants make up a disproportionate part of those qualified for these roles, and that means employers need legal help getting them eligible to work. Hall Global is here to provide that help, and to deliver personal service and responsive communication.

The rise of remote work, something that was already gaining in popularity before the COVID-19 pandemic, and now has exploded, has offered businesses unique opportunities to hire from abroad without having the employee relocate. Unique opportunities mean unique legal challenges, and Hall Global’s cross border legal services can help businesses meet those challenges.