The Hall Global: Helping Others Help Their Clients - The Case Of USA Farm Labor

The immigration attorneys at the Hall Global help a variety of clients everyday. Some days it's a billionaire. Some days it's a mom and pop farm. Some days it's an H-2A visa or an H-2B visa agent. Some days it's farm labor contractors. Some days it's growers - feeding themselves and hundreds of others. Some days it is a hemp farmer. Some days it is a blueberry grower. Some days it is artichokes. Literally, it is hard to imagine a new cro

Some days it's landscapers. Some days it is soccer clubs. Some days it is apiaries. Some days it is construction. Just about everything.

Most days, we help those who help others. H-2A visa and H-2B visa agents and consultants. Some days we help other lawyers by kibitzing or helping guide things behind the scenes. Sometime we help associations like the National Council of Agricultural Employers by participating and pitching in however we can.

The Hall Global has worked for long time with a leading H-2A agent, USA Farm Labor, Inc. It has been a mutually beneficial relationship. Manuel Fick, USAFL's owner, explained how it has worked in a short video. One element of what we do is help USAFL keep USAFL's clients informed. Hall Global lawyers have spoken at USAFL-sponsored workshops. Hall Global lawyers have put on in-service trainings for USAFL staff. Hall Global lawyers have helped USAFL prepared educational material for the clients.

The book pictured above is a great example of our collaboration. USAFL and the Hall Global compiled questions about the H-2A Program over the years and developed short, legally correct answers to all of them. Over it's 20 years' involvement with the H-2A Program, the lawyers at the Hall Global have solved been presented with, and solved, almost every practical problem H-2A employers face. It is that practical knowledge that distinguishes us from many other smart people.

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