Wendel Hall Photo

Wendel Hall

Principal Attorney

“We help decent people build decent lives.”

Wendel Hall has been practicing law for over 25 years. His distinguished level of expertise in the field of wage and hour/immigration law has benefited countless businesses and workers in that time. He is recognized as one of the elite specialists in the H-2A and H-2B Programs. He is passionate about sharing the knowledge he’s acquired over the span of his successful career to educate, advise, and defend those who need guidance.

Wendel doesn’t like bullies. His practice focuses on advising people ahead of time about how to avoid problems and the skillful and professional assertion of employers’ rights. In short, you can fight City Hall if you know what you’re doing.

Not only that, Wendel sees law as a tool to get business done. “Most people think of law as something from which they need defending. That’s true. But the most successful people know that law can help them succeed. I know the difference and I can make the law work for you.”

When not advising employers and other clients, Wendel is a sought-after and entertaining speaker who spends much of his time sharing his knowledge and experience. Over the course of the last 5-10 years, he has spoken to a variety of audiences, ranging from national employer associations to regular webinars, and he is always looking for more.

Wendel’s philosophy is that his job is to solve problems - and litigation is a problem. While his annoyance at bullies drives him forward, Wendel takes as much pleasure in a deft settlement as in an exquisite legal argument. A solved problem is a solved problem.

Wendel’s keen understanding of the law and the practical world of business immigration and close relationships with key enforcers allow him to defuse potential problems through counseling or through discussions with enforcers or, if necessary, defend employers or filing agents in litigation with DOL and others who represent workers. While results are never guaranteed, there are very few people with a track record like Wendel’s.

Wendel’s passion for helping people extends beyond his professional life. When he is not working, he volunteers in his community and at his church. He enjoys relaxing with wife, Arleen, and trying to keep up with his four children, now teenagers and beyond. He believes everyone has the right to work and thrive, and to build a good life for their family. He’s spent his life ensuring hardworking people can do just that.